Refund Policies

Read the details about our refund or money-back policies below. For any kinds of issue, please, send us one email first at [email protected]

Full Refund

For our or your problem, if we fail to provide our promised service fully, we will issue a full refund. You don’t need to do anything from your side. If we find that we can’t do your project, then we will issue the refund from our side.

Refund Time

After settling the claim, normally, within 24 hours, we issue the refund to the payment method from where you sent the payment.

Partial Refund

For our or your problem, if we have to stop a project after doing some work, then we will issue the partial refund. In that case, we will discuss with you for the refund amount. Don’t worry, we prefer the client’s satisfaction all the time.

Refund Claim

To claim your refund, you can just send us one email at [email protected]. to discuss about the issue.