We will transfer your WordPress site to a new hosting or move to a new domain

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After getting the order, we will email you to collect the necessary information to migrate your site.

How WordPress Migration Service Works


To transfer or move your wordpress website we follow below THREE EASY STEPS!


COLLECTING INFORMATIONAfter getting the order, we will contact you to collect the these information: wp user, old and new hosting access.


BACKUP & MIGRATIONIn 2nd step, we will create a full backup. Then we will migrate your current WordPress site to new host or new domain.


CONFIGURE & SETUPAfter transferring to new host/domain, we configure every functions as like as your old website to run it smoothly.

Can You Migrate my this Website?

YES, we can. We can migrate your eCommerce, Gaming, Membership, Adult, Personal or almost any kinds of WordPress based website to a new server.

After getting the order, we take only 24 hours complete the project. If we fail, we will refund your money.

Do not lose any data of your website by trying to migrate in wrong way. We are wordpress migration expert. AND WE HAVE MIGRATED 350+ SITES’S.

Client’s Feedback’s for WordPress Migration Service

wordpress migration service

See the five most recent client’s feedback’s for our WordPress migration service. 38 CLIENT’S REVIEWS

Solid company to move website to new server

5.0 rating
July 29, 2019

I’ve been happy with it. I’m using their services for my different websites for different types of works. Last week used their service for migrating 2 sites and it worked charmingly!!! Almost no downtime.


Transferred my website without problem !

5.0 rating
July 8, 2019

I tried to move my old website to a new host using a wp plugin but it did not work. Maybe I could not end up well. Bought their service and they migrated it within a few hours without having any problem.


Best helper to move WP website

5.0 rating
June 27, 2019

Needed to move 3 sites to new VPS. Complicated to me. But, they did all things without losing any data and any functional problem.


Migrated to new server without any DOWNTIME!!

5.0 rating
June 11, 2019

My eCommerce site was getting around 500 visitors per hour. I was so worried about downtime. But they did it like magic!! Thank you so much for saving my life!!

Ryan Roy

They helped me to migrate one of complicated website.

5.0 rating
May 14, 2019

This is the best WordPress service provider company I have used so far. I was struggling to transfer one of the websites with huge data to HostGator. Tried by myself but messed up. Was not getting help from gator! Finally found them they migrated it within 7 hours without losing any single image.


Questions & Answers

It depends on the domain propagation time. While transferring your hosting we need to change the DNS. After changing it, internet service providers from all over the world take some to update it. Normally, they take 2 hours to 72 hours to complete the updating and this is known is propagation.

We will move your WordPress site when visitors are comparatively less. Such as at the weekend.

To start our this WordPress migration service process we need below information:

  1. Current and new hosting account details.
  2. Current WordPress access
  3.  Domain register to change the DNS. (if you can do this by yourself then we do not need this)

NO. Our WordPress migration service provides a 100% guarantee of safety of current data. We are WordPress migration expert. So far transferred more than 250 WP site. So, do not worry about this.

YES, it will be same as to your present WordPress website. After completing the migration process, we will check and configure your functions.

TRUST is the first thing. This is an internet-based IT business. In this kinds of business, both parties are unknown to each other. In this situation, we do not have any other option without believing each other. 

Second, if we do not serve the clients well then they will share that to different reviews sites. Our business will suffer for that. So, to grow our business, we serve the clients with our level’s best.

The general answer is YES we can. There are some hosting companies who do not support WordPress’s requirements. Before, purchasing any hosting, please ask the company whether they support WordPress or not. For best performance we suggest siteground.com to host a WordPress website.

Yes, you can. If you want to transfer your current WordPress site to a new server with a new domain, we can also do that. 

Yes. Our WordPress migration service covers the email database migration also. We will create email address in the new host similar to the old email address. We will transfer all the data and will configure the forwarding and filtering like old email.