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After getting the order, we will email you to collect the necessary information to reduce the load speed.

Importance of WordPress Speed Optimization Service


If your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, 79% visitors would not return to your website? NEVER EVER!

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The ultimate goal of your website is making a good conversion. The loading speed of a website effect on the conversion rate. Slow speed kills the conversion rate of your website. In fact, 47% of visitors expect websites to load in three seconds or less. 40% of them leaves a page that takes four or more seconds to load.

wordpress speed optimization service


Since 2011, the website’s loading speed is one of the most important factors of google’s ranking. If your website doesn’t load fast, then google crawling bot reduces it’s visit to your website. The ultimate effect is low ranking in Google. To increase the keywords ranking in the search engine, you must have a fast website.

Can You Work For My Website?

YES, we can. We speed up your eCommerce, Gaming, Membership, Adult, Personal or almost any kinds of WordPress based website.

The interesting part of our WordPress speed optimization service is, if we can not increase the performance, we will refund your money.

Do not lose any more visitors. You need to fix all of the loading related problems of your website immediately. AND WE HAVE DONE THIS FOR 250+ SITES’S.

How WordPress Speed Optimization Service Works


$48 is one-time payment to speed up one website. Need 24 hours to complete the job. THREE EASY STEPS


COLLECTING INFORMATIONAfter getting the order, we will contact you to collect the these information: wp user, CDN (if any) and hosting access.


FINDING THE REASONSIn the 2nd step, we will analyze your site to find out all of the reasons for the slow loading speed of your website.


SOLVING THE PROBLEMSFinally, we will fix these problems and optimize images, database and other files one by one to load your site in 3s.

Client’s Feedback’s For WP Speed Up Service


Five most recent client’s reviews for our WordPress speed optimization service. 37 CLIENT’S REVIEWS

This service actually helps!

5.0 rating
July 29, 2019

Tested so many companies that claim to improve performance, but this is one that actually works. Got 30%+ improvement in my PageSpeed and YSlow scores.


I used their service for 5 websites

5.0 rating
July 20, 2019

The author asked me to write maincoder.com reviews. From day one till today never faced any problem with this company. The best thing about her is a good human being. All timely I found so calm with the patients. So far, I used their service for 5 websites and all are working fine.

Fredricka R

From 26s to 1.6s. Thanks a lot!!!1

5.0 rating
July 18, 2019

I had to solve the slow loading speed of my wordpress site to increase the score of google ads. Called them immediately. They accept the order and started the work within one hour. After almost 4 hours they knocked me to check and it was magic. From 26s to 1.6s. Thanks a lot!!!1

Glenn S.

I must say maincoder.com is an artist.

5.0 rating
July 16, 2019

I never saw anyone who enjoys so much while working for clients. While talking about WordPress speed optimization, I must say maincoder.com is an artist.

Eliza K

Getting the very fast speed!!!

5.0 rating
July 13, 2019

What was the magic man? First, I was feeling hesitation to order. Communicated with them for free analyze report. That helped me to trust theme. Really, good people running the company!!


Our Previous Works


Below one is before and after screenshots of our latest project. SEE MORE RESULTS


before onlinespacestuffs.com


after onlinespacestuffs.com

Questions & Answers

To get the best loading speed, a good hosting server is important. It helps to reduce the server response time. we will check it. If we find that your server is enough good then you do not need to change it. But, if we find your server response time is very poor then we would suggest changing the server for speed up wp site. For WordPress,  siteground.com is the best option.

While you host your site to a new hosting company, in the most time they will offer you free migration. If the new hosting company does not have any these kinds of offer then no problem we will help you. See our WordPress Site Migration Service to know the details.

For website speed test we use gtmetrix.com, tools.pingdom.com, and google page speed service. Though we use the three services but, we will use gtmetrix.com to give you before and after report. Out of these, it gives the most accurate and details result.

Like a good hosting server, it is also important to determine its location from a visitor. If the server location is far away from the visitor, then it will take longer to download files. CDN delivers the static files from servers close to the visitors in a matter of seconds. As a part of this WordPress optimization service, we will open and set up a free Cloudflare account for you. For better performance, you can buy their premium package.

How much to charge for website speed optimization? We charge $48 to optimize one WordPress website for speed. This is a one-time fee. We are sure, your business worth is not less than $48. Investing this amount of money for increasing the performance of your business website is not so big.

Yes! After WordPress optimization from our side, your website design will remain the same. But, for better performance, if there’s anything need to change anything, we will discuss and tell you. If you approve, only then we will change.

The loading speed of your website on mobile and desktop will not the same. Our this WordPress speed up service is giving  a guarantee to load your site on mobile in around 4s to 5s. The configuration of a mobile and desktop is not the same. Mobile is slower than Desktop no matter how good the phone is.

Our WordPress speed optimization service provides the guarantee of long-lasting. But, it depends on you or your developer. We will give a guideline to maintain the loading speed. You need to follow this. Such as using lightweight images, as less as possible plugins, etc. Details will be on the report.

Yes, our WordPress speed optimization service contains a support for 2 weeks. If there is any problem on your site for our optimizing works, we will fix that for you.

Within 24 hours we complete our tasks. Speed up WordPress site is not magic. We need to analyze the whole website. Find out the problems. Then we start our work to resolve these problems one by one. It varies from site to site. In most cases, we can complete within 24 hours. But if we face any complication, we may need some extra times. We will communicate for that.

We give a guarantee about gtmetrix. Google updated it’s page speed technology back in November 2018. Now no WP speed up optimizing company can 100% full-fill with their recommendations. Now they are not giving us total load time. Instead, they are showing us the grading system. No site gets a perfect grade.

It’s pretty much impossible to achieve, and since it doesn’t correlate to speed, why bother? You cannot take too all the suggestions from Google PageSpeed. Because sometimes they are unrealistic or impossible. For example, it may tell you to minify or add expire headers to a file that is not hosted on your website. This is impossible. For this reason, our WordPress speed optimization service does not cover google page speed.

Don’t worry. We are WordPress speed expert. While we will work to accelerate WordPress site, your site will be on live. Our works will not hurt your visitor’s user experience. Further, we will keep a backup of the whole website before starting the work for the security purpose.

To speed up WordPress site loading time, we need the access of the WP admin panel. You can create an account for us by giving the administrator role. We need this access to put in place necessary codes in the correct place. Don’t worry about the security of your website. This our business and if we can make happy you, we will get more clients.

Normally, we do not need the Cpanel or hosting server access to fasten WordPress website. First, we will work on the WP admin panel. In most time our works on WP admin panel is enough to reduce the loading time of your WordPress website. But sometimes we may need to do further work on Cpanel. On that case, we need the Cpanel access. We will contact you if need.

Good question. The first thing is TRUST. This is an online-based business. In online based business clients and employees do not see each other. In this situation, we need to trust each other. As a client, if you can’t trust us then sorry to say we can’t work for you.

Second, this our income source. If we cheat with clients then they will share that to different forums, social media. Even then can complain to our payment gateways and Google. As a result, we will lose our business. On the other hand, if we serve clients well, they will spread about us. This will help us to earn more from this business of WordPress speed optimization service. So, to run and grow our business, we serve our clients with our level’s best.

Yes, we will. If we fix the problems of the main site then problems of other pages go away. But, we will check every page of your site. If we find any issue on any page, then we will fix that to load faster.

We can ensure it is 100% safe. For more safety, we will keep a full back up of your website. If we face any problem with the design and structure of your website, then we will restore that from the full backup. This is rare. So, far we have done WordPress speed optimization works for 250+ websites. Never faced those kinds of problem.

You are welcome to ask any more question about our WordPress speed optimization service. Just send us one email at [email protected]

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